Fuel Bar

Whether you’re looking to maximize your workout or reward yourself for surpassing your goals, healthy and delicious offerings are on the menu at our Fuel Bar. 

Try out one of our signature, nutrient-packed smoothies, delicious wraps, or fill up on one of our high-protein snacks.

Client favourites: 

– Our classic PB&J shake 

-Our refreshing Green Tropics smoothie

Fully-Equipped Locker Rooms for Him and Her

Finding the time to exercise, and actually doing it, can be challenging sometimes. We are here to make it simpler for you! At B52, all you need is your workout clothes and sneakers. We take care of the rest. It is our goal to provide you with the best trainers and classes, but also to follow that up with an elevated experience in our fully-equipped locker rooms.

The locker rooms provide a personal space for both him and her. They offer relaxing sitting areas, luxurious shower stations that are equipped with toiletries and fresh towels, spacious changing rooms, and large personal lockers with combination locks. Everything you need to reset, refresh, and recharge before continuing on with your day.

Steam Rooms


Step inside our eucalyptus steam rooms to immerse yourself in a moment of pure relaxation. Recommended at a maximum of fifteen minutes, a steam room session has been proven to help alleviate upper respiratory congestion, provide mental and muscular relaxation and improve circulation. You’ll leave feeling completely at ease and revived.

Our saunas honour an age old practice of relaxation and recovery recognized for it’s contributions to the improvement of general wellness and cardiovascular health. Recommended at a maximum of twenty minutes, you can enjoy the stimulating power of dry heat to ease body pain and boost your athletic recovery, as well as reduce stress levels. A perfect way to end your workout!