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Jennifer H.

Jennifer Horvath is a master Pilates teacher with over 20 years of successful teaching experience. Jennifer’s passion for the serious study of movement and the interconnectedness of all things has led her down the fortuitous path of having trained with some of the best Pilates mentors in the world. Having trained under Mary Bowen early in her career, one of the original students of Joseph Pilates, Jennifer was passed down the profound method of the exploratory movement process. She then went on to become certified in therapeutic Pilates and rehabilitation. Again, her passion for intelligent movement informed her process and her desire to work with clients that equally have that deep desire for intentional improvement. One of her favourite parts of her teaching career is teaching and mentoring up and coming Pilates teacher trainees. When she is not teaching Pilates she is often busy running her businesses in the wellness and ESG sector or can be spotted hugging animals.