Grind Ride 

Grind Ride is our signature spin class designed for those who are ready to push their limits and power through an intense cycling experience. This class is about challenging your endurance, strength, and mental grit. With a focus on high-intensity intervals and resistance climbs, Grind Ride will test you leave you with a sense of accomplishment.

Class Objectives:

  • High-Intensity Intervals: Experience bursts of intense cycling, pushing your heart rate and maximizing calorie burn.
  • Resistance Climbs: Tackle simulated hill climbs that will challenge your leg strength and build muscular endurance.
  • Endurance Building: Sustain longer periods of effort to increase your overall stamina and cycling prowess.
  • Rhythmic Motivation: Cycle to the beat of a carefully curated playlist that will keep you motivated and energized.

Beats & Bikes  

It’s a rhythmic journey on two wheels. As the beats drop, so do the challenges, pushing you to pedal harder and faster. Sync your pedal strokes with the tempo of the music, creating a harmonious blend of movement and sound.

  • Cardio Boost: Experience a heart-pumping workout that torches calories and builds cardiovascular endurance.
  • Full-body Engagement: Beyond just legs, incorporate upper body movements and light weights to tone and strengthen the entire body.
  • Endurance Challenges: Tackle a mix of sprints, climbs, and resistance intervals, all choreographed to the music’s ebb and flow.
  • Mental Escape: Let the music guide you, allowing for a mental break as you immerse yourself in the rhythm and energy of the class.