Find Your Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer


Kasandra is one of our personal trainers. She has a lot of experience with athletes as she was a figure skater for 16 years and played division 1 basketball for 5 years. She loves working with different people and helping people achieve their goals. She has worked with a lot of football players in the NCAA division in the United States and helped them stay in shape during their off season. She also enjoys working with beginners looking to start their gym journey. Kasandra also does lymphatic drainage massages using madero therapy and cupping techniques. She is currently studying to become an osteopath and also has interest in acupuncture. Kasandra also designs thoughtful workout programs for people looking to have a consistency at the gym and who need different workout ideas to achieve their goals and stay motivated.


Personal trainer with 3 years of experience, specialized in sport-specific training. High energy and always pushing you to be the best, Mark brings a track record of winning to the gym. Competing in multiple sports internationally, Mark’s passion for fitness comes from a rugby & competitive sailing background. Sports include sailing, rugby, lacrosse, ski-racing, rowing and MMA. Mark is currently an undergraduate student in Actuarial Sciences and is fully bilingual, growing up in the New York area. Excited to help you crush your fitness goals!


Helping committed individuals build their physique through strength training for over ten years. I have a methodological approach and analyze data to track and review your strength metrics and address weaknesses and imbalances – I leave nothing to chance. One of my strengths as a coach is my ability to get you results when you feel stagnant. I get you to that next level and assure continued growth and progression. Strength training drives me, and my relentless thirst to master it is what pushes me to continuously study and practice proven methods taught by individuals that I consider top mentors in our field.