Find Your Weight Loss & Hypertrophy Personal Trainer

Haskel G.

Haskel has over 30 years experience in the coaching and development of clients at all levels of fitness from beginners to Olympic athletes. His passion for body transformation and enhanced athletic performance has made him a highly sought after trainer. Haskel has been a Kung Fu Instructor since 1991 specializing in realistic combat and self-defence scenarios. Haskel’s motto is simple: consistency, discipline, and perseverance.

Maggie A.

Maggie has helped hundreds of people like you achieve their fitness goals. With a background in Master Functional Training, she is driven by passion to teach and help you succeed. For Maggie, training is more than just about a training program or session, she genuinely wants to help you create lasting changes to you life. No matter where you are in your journey or what you have tried before Maggie is determined to become the ignition you need to fuel yourself. Maggie is accrediated with ACE/NCCA.